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Unsolicited Testimonials


We received wonderfully friendly and flexible service from ECO Sleep Solutions. We ordered the all wool futon mattress, then added a mattress topper to it. It is heavy enough to hold conventional sheets, not drum tight, but comfortably. We wondered whether the bed would be too firm, but are sleeping quite comfortably. I am a 130 pound side sleeper, and my partner is twice that size and sleeps as much on his back as his side. We both sleep well, even when the dogs join us.
July '17

Having done research on the best quality latex mattress for us (Savvy Rest) we then visited equally respected ECO Sleep Solutions. We arrived at their nice store with several questions and to try the many mattress combinations. Donna expertly answered all our questions, patiently guided us through all the various bed densities and explained the policies of the ability to exchange the mattress components after trying our choices at home. So happy we found ECO Sleep Solutions.
May '17

We returned 3 years after we initially "bumped" into ECO Sleep Solutions. We remembered the positive impression Donna and the mattresses had made on us. Donna answered more questions, offered knowledgeable information, and happily reconfigured the latex layers so we could try them out. We are now the happy owners of a Savvy Rest bed and adjustable base. We are very pleased, and look forward to future care and service from Jim & Donna should we need it.
Apr '17

Our in-store experience was exceptionally low-pressure and infomative. Subsequent follow-up was excellent and we really appreciated the care and attention during the set-up process. All in all, a terrific product and great service!
Mar '17

Donna was amazing to work with - she is very knowledgeable and patiently answered all our questions. We are delighted with our Savvy Rest mattress and would recommend ECO Sleep Solutions to our friends and family.
Feb '17

I love my futon couch. I fell in love with it right as I saw it in the window of ECO Sleep Solutions. I even had them set it up for me in my guest room. What wonderful customer service!
Feb '17

When I first went into the Eco Sleep Solutions store I was only planning to test the adjustable bed frame I found top rated on the Internet. However they just happened to have my "dream" frame and the price was extremely competitive with what I had researched, so I bought it. Besides having top rated products and competitive pricing the customer service is superb. They delivered and set up the bed within the time frame they said and I am very happy with my purchase. I also am pleased there is a small business locally that I can support and if any problems arise in the future I have a local advocate to help me deal with it. Highly recommend.
Dec '16

Omg I'm obsessed!!! This store is AMAZING! Aside from offering a very niche product (non-toxic bedding is surprisingly hard to come by) it is just so welcoming and beautiful and Jim is the best! He is patient with my constant questions and answer each one! They switched over the bed layers without complaint. The quality of the product is amazing, and they will definitely be our source of pillows and bedding in the future.
Dec '16

I've needed a new bed for a long time. The one I had was too firm for my aging body (I turned 80 in October, 2016). I still exercise quite a bit, so I needed a bed that allows for good circulation in my shoulders and back. When I explained this to Donna at ECO Sleep Solutions she explained to me all the variations I had available to me with the mattress I wanted in order to make sure I got the relief I needed. I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to make any changes in what was originally delivered to me (I'm in my 90 day trial period) because what I've got is so much better than what I had, I now really look forward to bedtime.
Nov '16

This place is awesome. Unique store with a caring touch.
Nov '16

Jim and Donna are just lovely. They are both so knowledgeable and easy going. I had so many questions and they took the time to answer all of them with such patience and insight. My husband and I never felt pressured to buy, but are so glad we did. We love our Savvy Rest mattress. We would not be happier with the experience at Eco Sleep Solutions and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Nov '16

Great service. Great new bed. Thanks!
Oct '16

Slept in [my adjustable bed] for the first time last night and it was wonderful! The "kids" were confused with the vibration but, cuddled up pretty well on their side of the bed. With head, body and foot raised there wasn't much room for them in the dip on their half. I let it go to flat at about an hour before I had to get up and, true to form, my body chose to turn onto my right side causing some discomfort as usual. So, that adjustable feature of it really helped me get a good night's rest. Sort of like a giant recliner! Making it up yesterday was a snap with the ability to put that fitted sheet on while the mattress was in the full reclining position. No more recliner! Hooray!! Love that under bed lighting!!!
Oct '16

Donna was very helpful at the store, explaining the unique type of mattress they sell and the different layers. We tried them and decided on a type that worked for us. We were told about the wait time for orders because the mattresses are made to order with different layers of foam. The delivery and setup went well. The men were professional (even took off their shoes when they entered our house) and efficient. They explained the layers and how we could change them around (we got the split layers so we could try different configurations). They were very efficient and courteous. I like supporting a local business and environmentally conscious products that are made in the US. I like that there is no off-gassing from the natural latex foam in the mattress. And I like the support and comfort of the mattress.
Tim and Karen
Sept '16

My husband and I drove 2 hours to purchase our bed here! Picking it out in the store was fun and a breeze with their helpful knowledge and suggestions. We both look forward to our bed each night now, with no back pain any longer! We are very happy, and thoroughly enjoy the mattress and the whole experience!
Aug '16

The folks at ECO sleep were knowledgeable and friendly. There was no hard sell, and they were very responsive to our questions.
Aug '16

I purchased the Encore Mattress and couldn't be happier. The help I received From Donna was spot on. Very happy!!
May '16

Coir mattress rug [received] exactly as described. Quick delivery and great packaging. Help on the phone ahead of purchase was excellent.
May '16

Your magic has worked! I am enjoying a comfortable bed that I look forward to at night.  Thank you for your patience and understanding, allowing me the time I needed to decide. And thank you for the home visits and expert advice so I could decide. Your customer service is exceptional. May all go well for you during your transition.
April '16

A belated thank you for taking the time to make a house call last week to check my mattress. I appreciated your thorough inspection and thoughtful process of finding a creative solution. All this took time and you did not rush. Thank you for such understanding and your exceptional service. I look forward to hearing from you when the next step presents itself.
Mar '16

My husband and I had been having poor sleep and back pain related to our old mattress. We decided to go shopping for a new mattress and stopped in to ECO Sleep Solutions on a whim. The customer service we received was excellent. Organic latex mattresses were new to us and Donna took the time to explain the benefits. She encouraged us to take the time we needed to try out all of the sample beds on display. She even swapped out layers to create a different firmness. We never made it to any other mattress store. We purchased a queen bed with Dunlop layers, new wool and cotton bedding, and the most amazing kapok pillows. The delivery and setup went smoothly and they even took away our old mattress for recycling. Two months have passed and we couldn't be happier with our new bed. We don't wake each other up with movement and a lot of the back pain has eased. We've reconfigured the layers a few times and I'm still impressed with how easy the process is. The only smell was a slight "barn" smell from the wool cover, but that quickly dissipated. The sheets have only gotten softer with each wash. I am very happy we chose to shop at ECO Sleep Solutions.
Dec '15

This place is fabulous! My partner and I had been mattress shopping for almost a year. We have two different softness/firmness preferences, would like to avoid an off-gassing mattress from conventional materials, and are sometimes sensitive to heat (so memory foam didn't sound good) or waking up from one of us moving at night and the mattress bouncing (the firmer the mattress, the more the bounce translates). I was also wary because I used to sell organic mattresses and had one for the last 10 years and was unaware that the newer ones are far superior than what used to be available. After extensive research we realized the modern latex beds sold here might be just the ticket. My partner went by and just got some basic info and pricing. He appreciated the open and easy conversation at the store, and the environment. He asked how to approach testing the mattresses and got their advice. We then went back that weekend to do our testing. I had read that laying 10 minutes on each mattress is the minimum to test it, and that means 10 minutes in each position so you can see if any sore points develop, so we made time. The latex mattresses we looked at here come in three layers. This has been amazing as we can change the layers for our soft/firm preference now and over time, and even flip the layers for a half-step change in firmness. The prices feel steep for it seems we will get what we pay for, and their prices are very competitive so we felt good about our purchase; plus they're a local business; plus they have a 90 day swap out policy which is very helpful. I think they have other customer protection policies too. They give us a 10% discount on everything and threw in a set of Coyuchi sheets! They also had frames there built by Pacific Rim Woodworking. This is our second handmade gorgeous maple frame at a good price. We quickly went back for a wool mattress pad. Even after all that testing we did, and feeling like we were "sleeping on clouds" like my partner said, I still found my side a bit soft. I wrote Donna and she had great ideas. I learned a bit more about how the mattresses work and was able to flip and switch layers easily on both sides. My partner was thrilled; I was almost there but did feel like I needed a slightly firmer one. Donna helped me understand the swap-out policy and how much time I had to figure everything out (plenty), then brought me a new slightly firmer layer when I finally said that's what I wanted. Highly recommend!
Dec '15

Just want to tell you the wool comforter arrived and I was very pleased with the quality. The Coyuchi duvet cover I bought to go over it is perfect too. Waiting for some cooler weather to enjoy it all. Thanks for everything!
Aug '15

Morning after the first night on our new Savvy Rest latex mattress. We can honestly say the neither of us have ever, ever been that comfortable through the entire night. Ha, can hardly wait to go to bed again tonight!
July '15

I am so glad Eco Sleep Solutions has come to Corvallis. It was just the nudge we needed to get our fantastic new latex bed. It is absolutely wonderful. And Jim and Donna are simply exceptional people to work with. I highly recommend them and their products.
Mar '15

My wife and I bought a California King with the Dunlop layers. Our biggest selling factor was its lack of toxins It's got zero toxic substances! Our other selling factor was the comfort. This bed is amazingly comfortable. I feel like a million bucks every morning, thanks to my restful sleep. We also like that one side of the mattress is firm and one side is soft. Fits each of our needs perfectly. I like that we can have two separate firmness's without having a gap between each side is awesome. Lastly the customer service was great. Eco Sleep epitomizes what I envision good service to be. Very knowledgeable, not pushy at all. They are the kind of people I can picture being friends with. Thanks Eco Sleep Solutions!!!!
Jan '15

I feel better when I wake up then I felt when I went to sleep. With my personal history of back problems and injuries, this is a new experience.
Dec '14

Talk about knowledgeable! My girlfriend and I went in there to get new sheets. We thought that the higher the thread count the better the sheets - we couldn't have been more wrong! Donna took the time to explain how all of the sheet processes works. We felt some of the sheets and they were seriously amazing! We bought some Sateen sheets at the maximum of 300 TC. Without a doubt the most comfortable sheets I've ever felt. The real selling point was when we felt the same sheets on a pillow. They were 5 years old - and felt so much softer than when they were brand new! I didn't even think sheets could last that long. The fact that these sheets are some of the most organic, environmentally friendly sheets around is just icing on the already delicious cake. I'm going to tell everyone about this place!
Sep '14

We bought a Savvy Rest mattress about 6 months ago and it is fantastic. It is latex foam in an organic cotton [and wool} covering. The cool thing about their mattresses is that it is three layers of foam inside the cover, and you can choose the firmness of each layer. If you have a queen or king-sized bed, you can also get a split mattress, which means that the foam pieces are cut in half down the middle, so you and your partner can have different configurations of firmness. We did this and it is wonderful. My side is slightly softer than my husband's. And in case you're wondering, you can't feel a gap or anything where they meet. The foam layers butt right up to each other and once the cover is on, you can't feel anything. We originally went with an Ikea memory foam mattress but it was awful. First, it STUNK. Awful chemical smell. It also just wasn't comfortable. I never got used to how it doesn't spring back. I now LOVE our mattress.
Aug '14

It smells so normal in here!
Spoken by a customer in our store
May '14

We went with Savvy Rest - just love our bed. I used to have back pain in the morning - no more!
March '14

Thanks so much. Yes. I did sleep so much better. The mattress feels like it is working on my body to straighten me out!
I hope to stop by some time and see what's new. You are such wonderful people to meet and do business with.
My best to you,
January '14

Every day we love it more. I just can't tell you how wonderful it is to crawl under your wool cover. What a spectacular reward for the day!!!
Leslie and Harvey
November '13

We're a long time in getting the good news to you that we are absolutely in love with our dunlop latex mattress! How we suffered from the out-gassing and button depressions of the mattress we had to return. If only we had been aware of your product from the very beginning of our mattress search. Not only is their no out-gassing but the comfort is a dream come true. Yes it cost us twice as much as the standard mattress but the increase in cost of a mattress that doesn't threaten our health, that provides quality sleep brings a value that we didn't think was available for our money to buy. Besides, if one calculates the number of years of service, the cost can't be matched. When- all from the heart. Our best to you. We spread the word whenever and wherever we can. May you increase in visibility!
Howard and Vernetta
November '13

The cover is SO FABULOUS!!!!!! I can't tell you how much we love it!!!!! What a pleasure this whole transaction was. My sincerest thanks,
October '13

first of all: the people at Eco Solutions are the very best.....they are helpful, informed and search out the greenest products available.........I tried out the Shepherd's Dream organic wool mattress topper at a Eugene home show many years ago....I knew that when I replaced my very old, now rock hard cotton futon that this would be my choice! I am thrilled with my new wool mattress and topper.......solid sleep! not hesitate! it's worth the money......think how many hours you spend sleeping and how much money you will spend replacing lesser quality...............because they now offer financing I went ahead and ordered the organic Coyuchi sheets.......I have since washed them in cold and dried on cool.......PERFECT!.................bottom line: zenith quality is worth the money!
August '13

Thank you so much for your obvious attention to customer service and your very thoughtful response. This does sound good and I appreciate your willingness to work with me. I look forward to calling you next week to place an order. Have a wonderful weekend and again I appreciate your willingness to work with me so I can have a healthy product and I appreciate all of the very kind help and the information you have provided to me.
May '13

I see that your October sale for the PRW stuff seems to be a good success, again thank you so much for all the amazingness you bring to the Eugene area, you guys continue to wow me for how well you represent Pacific Rim furniture. Nobody in my 7 years here has done this much for us, it's so nice to be able to have such a beautiful store to try to steer prospective buyers to.
October '12

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy that I stopped by your store today. I just LOVE all of the things I got for my new bed. I feel quite spoiled. Thanks again so very much for delivering them to me too. So very kind. I am looking forward to a lovely sleep on my new bed with my new pillows and sheets and duvet cover.
October '12

Your customer service is AMAZING! Jim just left our house and I had to email right away about the wonderful service. He came out to our house all the way in Cottage Grove. He was able to tell me what was wrong with my crib and even helped me fix it so that the mattress we bought wasn't sagging. It is wonderful to know that you care about your customers as well as the products you sell. It is rare these days! I will continue to recommend your store to everyone!
July '12

Thank you again for your fantastic products and admirable services. We were so impressed with our first bed frame, mattress, accessories, and service that we returned for another full set-up for a bed in another room. Our experience with you on both occasions was nothing short of complete satisfaction. When people talk about "the way it used to be" regarding the kind and quality of old fashioned customer service from a bygone era, they are referring to how you conduct business today, here in Eugene. It's just so refreshing and inspiring.
Thank You.
April '12

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE our new bed!!!!!! I told Bob this morning I wasn't going to get up all day but then I realized it was senior day at Value Village!
Thanks so much.
March '12

I'm so excited my mattress is on it's way! I was also so happy to be able to come to your store. Your store is lovely, comfortable and you carry amazing things. I have done a little wool felting and fell in love with the art and crafts you sell.
No one in this area sells all-latex beds, although three salespeople, at three different stores, told me they sleep on all latex! I got the feeling at one furniture store - the one my parents bought their latex mattress from forty-some years ago - is thinking about selling them again. My parents slept on their latex mattress for forty years and they loved it. My nephew sleeps on it now. Now off to buy lumber for the foundation.
December '11

Thank you for suggesting I send the high profile pillow back. I truly appreciate buying from small businesses that care about customer service.
June '11

Just a note to say that I have done very well with our new bed and mattress in fact so cozy I find I enjoy staying in bed which I haven't done before as my body would begin hurting to the point I had to get up. You are totally a neat couple that made buying and delivery a fun event.
May '11

Thanks, Donna and Jim, for all your friendly and earnest efforts to make sure everything about our purchase is just right! I've never seen any store owners as invested in caring about the happiness and well being of their customers as you two are. The product is great and you are the frosting on the cake! I recommend your store and your products to anyone who wants a great night's sleep. and a very pleasant shopping experience along the way.
April '11

Nice low-key store here. Plus they have high quality products, and most are organic. They are not the least expensive mattresses I've ever seen, but the quality is very high, and they're made by Savvy Rest, a reputable manufacturer. I liked wool topper they had on display- 3 inches thick! They also have a really cool, all-wool mattress. I also bought an organic wool pillow. I love it. It is softer than down.
April '11

Received mattress and slept like a baby.
March '11

We LOVE the mattress- it's perfect! Haven't had to change a thing. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone.
Love the millet pillow too- real comfy!
Thanks so much for your time and great customer service!
Carl and Kim
August '10

Thanks again for being so EXTRAORDINARY! You have repeatedly reminded us of why we ALWAYS support local, quality business that cares about both its customers and the quality of the products it sells! Sustainable, friendly, community-supported business all the way! ;D
August '10

I can't say enough good about you and your store. In fact, I try to encourage everyone I know to go see you and get a new mattress. We love our bed ... I find it actually works like a mini therapist for me. If I go to bed with a hip or back out of place (which is most every night!), I awaken with it feeling MUCH better. The latex balances my body and allows it to somewhat heal itself during the night. Marvelous! It's too bad most persons think a mattress should not be a major investment, and they buy cheap ones and suffer.   It's like a husband ... you're going to sleep with it every night, so you'd better really like it! And you can quote me on that!! LOL ....
July '10

...I am sleeping really good on my new wool topper. I can tell I am sleeping much more soundly than before because the only side of my head with flat hair is my right side! My left side looks like I just got out of the hair salon. Before, I would look like a mess all over!
June '10

Hi, My name is Crystal and I wanted to provide feedback on your page...  I wanted to tell you that as a student teacher working on a lesson plan, your [main] page was a great source of information.
Take Care,
May '10

We absolutely love the 3" [wool] pillow top, and it compliments our bed perfectly. Thank you.
Brian and Toni
May '10

I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived exactly as planned! The foundation came on Wednesday, the mattress on Friday and the bedroom furniture (from Thomasville here in WA) on Saturday. You were right! The bed is SOOOO comfortable! I am still wavering on whether to order the pillow top because I so loved my other one, but will wait it out a few weeks. Thanks so much for the fabulous customer service and wonderful mattress!
May '10

I just got my bed frame about ten days ago and am pleased to report that I am sleeping much, much better on the new Savvy Rest. The Shepherd's Dream [wool] pillows are also fantastic - much better than the down I have slept on my whole life.
May '10

The Savvy Rest bed is terrific. I thought my inability to feel rested in the morning after 7 or 8 hours in bed was due to the effects of aging. Not so. It's mainly the bed. I haven't had such a comfortable and restful sleep in years. And no more morning backache. Thank you again for setting up shop practically in my back yard and giving me such good service.
Apr. '10

I'm writing to let you know how much I am enjoying my new mattress! It is such a delight to climb into bed each evening! I am sleeping better than I ever have. Thank you so much for your excellent service and for making these quality mattresses available.
Jan. '10

Our new mattress is great! I think we may have hit the nail on the head with the right combination of layers. It really is worth taking time to experiment in the store before deciding where to begin. The mattress, mattress cover, and the organic wool top are all very high quality and nice looking. We can see and feel the quality.
Dec. '09

Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying the new bed and topper. We got it on the 1st and set it up on the 2nd. I woke up with no lower back pain the first morning. I didn't expect a change that quick.
Dec. '09

I LOVE the mattress - best sleep I've ever had. This is from someone who can sleep pretty much anywhere on anything - not a light sleeper. I had a Beautyrest Pillowtop mattress prior and literally hurt in the mornings - felt like my back was wrenched out. With the Eco Sleep [Solutions] mattress system, I figured there would be some "body adjustment", meaning some minor pain while I got used to it - not so. I sleep so well - even with the German Shepherd dog on there. He doesn't wiggle the bed and he really likes it too! It is the most incredible experience and believe me, I'm telling everyone I know.
Oct. '09

Just wanted to let you know that we received the pillows on Saturday! They're wonderful!! Thanks again!!
Oct. '09

The bed is fabulous! I had a terrific night's sleep on it and [my dog] Sonya is completely happy as well. My bedding looks fantastic on it. Hope the people who viewed the beds on Saturday bought one too. I am certain your business is going to thrive here. The two of you are such nice people and the product is outstanding!
Aug. '09

Thank you very much for making the time to reply to some questions. Your answers were right in line with much of the research I've been performing on the Internet confirming the reasons why I gravitated to the Savvy Rest. Digging into the depths of the Savvy Rest website exhibits the convictions and beliefs of the company.
I'd also like to thank you for being a company that believes honesty and integrity toward helping improve the lives of people using your products is more important that marketing hype. I'm positive once we have our new mattress, we'll be steering friends and family in your direction.
Jan. '09