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Care of Innerspring Mattresses

Caring for Royal-Pedic Mattresses

The following guidelines help ensure your organic innerspring mattress will live up to its promise of providing many comfortable nights of sleep.

During the first few weeks, your mattress is breaking-in. The natural materials will respond to your body in a way that will make your mattress more comfortable. The materials should conform to your body like a pair of shoes. Proper care will prevent normal body impressions from becoming sags and will also prolong your mattress life.

Adequate support is very important. For full size and larger, we recommend a bed frame that supports head, foot and sides as well as one that containes a rigid center support. On a free standing bed frame, it should have at least 5 legs including the rigid center support. Platform beds should have at least 5 five hardwood slats at least four inches wide each.

Caring for Royal-Pedic Mattress Please aternately rotate and flip your mattress every three months to encourage even wear.

Use a washable mattress protector or pad to help keep the mattress clean.

Should a liquid soak through your mattress protector, remove sheets and pads immediately. Wick away spots with a solution that is 1 part white distilled vinegar and 3 parts water. Spray solution on the spot, blot it with a cotton fiber and then let it air dry. Make sure the mattress is thoroughly dry and free of cleaning solution before returning it to use. Never use detergent or a hard brush. Vacuum your mattress regularly to remove dirt, dust, or lint.

Once a month, strip all the sheets and mattress pad to allow the natural fibers in your mattress to breathe.

Do not place your mattress on a sheet of solid wood. A surface like this will not allow your bed to breathe.